Walking Pedometers

Image: Omron HJ 002PB
Omron HJ 002PB

Additional accuracy with the new step counter
Designed for easy and comfortable use
Battery and instructional manual included.
Large digital display
Belt clip included
Weight: 1 pounds, shipping weight: 2 pounds

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With a walking pedometer your walks will never be boring, and you will be more than ever thrilled and challenged to go out and do some movement. The pedometers we are offering on this page are just top quality. All are Omron pedometers, so this says a lot about their quality and the accuracy of data that you get with any of them. They are the best choice either for walking or running and if you already owned a pedometer you might be amazed and how easy it is, and how accurate are the counted steps.

When walking, our body suffers small shakes, each time we make a step. It is like small earthquakes going throughout your entire body and these are transmitted to all that is attached to you: clothes, phone, hats, jewelry or cola cans. Everything that is with you feels the same mechanic waves that you are producing when stepping. Pedometers are those devices that you put in your pocket or attach to a belt on your arm, and as you are making earth contact each time you step, it records every move as a step, and it counts them. This is how walking pedometers work.

Now, you don’t want a device that counts every your sudden move or shake as a step: sometimes our body is suffering some moves or experiences mechanical forces which aren’t steps. Here comes into play the smart sensors that not all pedometers have and not all pedometers’ manufacturers are talking about. The smartest the system and the sensors – the more accurate will be the data that they collect. You want a smart walking pedometer, so we would like you to make the best decision and not be disappointed with the device you get shipped.

Pedometers are all the same, there aren’t “walking pedometers” or “jumping pedometers” or “running pedometers”. Each pedometer is made to count steps, no matter how you do that step: walking or running. The only difference between them is the quality and how accurate are the data that they collect. And taking in account all the positive and negative feedback from all the customers, all the experience of some big names in sport and many other factors, it appears that Omron pedometers are the best choice for walking step counting. They remain in the top of major online retailers for many months and this says only about one thing: that they are of good value and the buyers are happy with them. See our menu for more information and for all available models of Omron walking pedometers – for sure you will find on which you will like and buy.

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