Pocket Pedometer

Image: Omron HJ 113
Omron HJ 113

A dual-axis pedometer
Fits in a pocket
Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance walked
Measures burned calories and fat grams burned
7-day memory, clock,
Automatically resets at midnight
Can be worn in a pocket or clipped to your arm or hip
Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.8 x 4.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

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Looking for a pocket pedometer, one that would be easy to have in your pocket without being noticed or without having the trouble of clipping it to your belt? Omron is a manufacturer specialized in producing high quality pedometers, that have received over the years a tremendous number of positive feedbacks from their customers, and they have a series of pedometers that are made exactly to fit into a pocket, of the size and shape that for sure will be easy to wear in your pocket.

Please check our available offers on this site, using the left menu and we hope you will choose a pocket pedometer you like the most. All the available models, in fact, are very light, as they use micro-sensors, and are different of the old mechanic pedometers, where a clicking system was used. These Omron pedometers, being part of a new generation of devices, are easier to carry, have big screens with increased visibility and shapes that can easily slip into your pocket without any difficulties.

Please note that some of them require to be attached to some special part of your body as hips or arms, while the other pedometers arenít too pretentious about the place they are put, be it a pocket or a bag or attached to a belt. Also, you will have to pay attention in which angle they are ready to operate, as some pedometers are design to work in any position, while others can operate only in vertical position. Usually, Omron pedometers use a special Sensor Technology, which allows the sensors to operate in both horizontal and vertical positions.

We do recommend carrying a pedometer to anyone that is serious about their health and want to know more about their bodies and how it reacts to running and walking. This is important for those which are determined about losing weight and looking to have a better and healthier body. Such information as your daily exercising, daily calories burn and your general performance is crucial if you are serious about your health. Please browse all available models and let us know if you think we can help you making your choice of your pocket pedometer.

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