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Omron HJ 303

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Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance and burned calories
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7 days history memory

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The last trend this season are the pedometers with heart rate monitor Ė they constantly appreciate what is your pulse and this is great information for those that are serious about burning more with their cardio exercises. The fact that a pedometer can say the pulse too, is a great improvement as the pulse rate is a indicator together with your stepsí count can be used for even more accurate data on how much calories you have burned and what is the exact strain on your cardiovascular system.

There is no doubt that a pedometer which has a pulse monitor incorporated is of much more value than an ordinary pedometer, which collect only data about your steps and nothing more. Pedometers with heart rate sensors are a great addition for professionals, but not only. You might find that it is even more challenging to make your daily cardiovascular routine or just walk and see how well your heart is performing. We already know that a heartbeat around 75 beats per minute is considered to be normal in adults in resting position, but when we are physically exerting, this can rise to more than 100 beats per minute. It is very important to have a look at how your heart is performing when you are running and to not overexert, because this might lead to serious heart injuries.

The more information you can collect about your body performance, the more you know about you, the better you can plan your actions and thereís more you can do. The pedometers with heart rate can give you a lot of valuable information about how your heart acts under effort and so you can know more about how to organize your walking or running to not overexert. The heart being the most important organ of our body and an indicator of our health, you canít dismiss any information with regard to it. And even if your heart beats arenít the biggest indicator of how well your heart is performing, it is still good to know what the heart rate is and to keep it within a constant range.

We already know that calories are burnt at a heart rate of around 120 beats per minute. This is considered to be the best pulse frequency which makes your blood move at such a pressure and speed that it accelerates the metabolic processes and creates optimal conditions for calories to be transformed in energy and reduce the amount of fat tissue in your organism. So, having a pedometer that tells you exactly what is your pulse rate is a very useful device, as you have a valuable information about how your heart is performing and you know if you are in the range of heart rate for burning fats or not. Check the Omron pedometers with heart rate sensors on this site and get the one that suits you the best.

Added: 2011-05-19 11:53:24