Omron HJ 303

Image: Omron HJ 303
Omron HJ 303

Superior 3D Senor Techology
Operates in all 3 planes: x, y and z
Works in pockets, bags or anywhere you clip it
Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance and burned calories
Sleep mode
7 days history memory

Buy Omron HJ 303

Omron HJ 303 is a truly accurate pedometer, being a full body sensor, will never go wrong and will return great value for its tiny price! Such a powerful device as this pedometer will automatically transform into your personal trainer and will keep you motivated to attain higher performance. All you have to do is just keep it with you on your daily cardio routine or whenever you are moving and it will show you exactly how are you performing during you workouts.

Each step you make is a new step to you goal, and Omron HJ 303 will be there to tell you when you are really close to it. Whenever you are thinking of going out or going for a run or a walk, take the Omron HJ 303 GOsmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer with you and track your progress - easily, accurately and over time. Even small things like small steps, add over time and you will notice how your performance is growing week by week. Just train smartly with a GOsmart Omron pedometer!

What is Smart Sense Technology?

GOsmart, present in Omron HJ 303, can operate in all 3 dimensionsGOsmart Pedometers by Omron feature Smart Sense technology, a special system of sensors which have made history from the old and inaccurate mechanical pedometers, which were using a pendulum mechanism, activated by mechanical movements. Omron HJ 303 is using a revolutionary sensitive technology, which is more accurate and completely silent. In fact, these sensors are smart enough to make a difference between a real step and an accidental move, which in old pedometers was also triggering a pendulum movement, and thus, a wrongly number of steps returned. The manufacturer reserves an accuracy of +/- 5% which in most of cases is close to 0%, if the pedometer is operated correctly.

Also, another big plus of the GOsmart technology, incorporated in Omron HJ 303 pedometer is that it can be used in any position, even flat. This adds a lot of freedom of use and now you donít need to worry no more about the fact that your pedometer is not positioned correctly and you are about to get misleading data. Now you can just drop it in your bag, put it in your pocket, clip it to a belt and leave for a run or a walk. For your convenience, Omron has decided that the HJ 151 and HJ 303 GOsmart pedometers will display the steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace (90 steps or more per minute) separately. Now you can distinguish between usual steps and moderate steps, which is great if you are pursuing burning more calories when running or walking.

Dimensions and power

The Omron HJ 303 pedometer uses 1 lithium battery (included in the box), which will last at a normal use for about 6 months. Package measures 3" x 1 3/8" x 1/2" inches and weighs 1.0oz (battery included). In the box you will find a pedometer, holder, strap & clip, lithium battery, screwdriver, instruction manual

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