Omron HJ 151 Hip

Image: Omron HJ 151
Omron HJ 151

Counts: steps, moderate steps, minutes, burned calories and distance
Separately displays moderate steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace
Stores 7 day of history
Resets at midnight automatically
Large display and clock
Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches
3.2 ounces

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The Omron's HJ-151 Hip Pedometer is a device which will keep you motivated and will help you tracking the steps you walk throughout the day, at work, doing cardio exercises or other physical activity. It is a small pedometer which can mean a big step you make towards greater fitness and health. If you are looking to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle, than this Omron HJ 151 Hip pedometer is what you really need. It is recommended for beginner and intermediate runner, which need a simple yet powerful pedometer to help them counting and evaluating the daily efforts they make.

No matter what is your goal, be it to achieve better health or a good physical activity or just you are curious about your daily exercise, Omron HJ 151 can transform into a very reliable friend, helping you to attain your targets. As we all know, doctors and health specialist recommend us at least 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise. Unfortunately, we often forget about this and ignore this powerful advice, yet with a pedometer like Omron HJ-151 you can easily stick to your goal of achieving 30 minutes of daily physical activity. This pedometer also calculates calories burned and the distance traveled.

All you have to do is to clip the small and light Omron HJ 151 pedometer to your belt before you go for a run or a walk and it will automatically start counting all your daily physical activity for up to 7 days. If you are curious about how much effort and how many steps you make throughout the day, just clip it in the morning to your belt and leave it till the evening. You will be amazed how informative and great is this device and how much will you learn about your body. The Omron HJ 151 pedometer, though, has to be operated only in horizontal position, in order to give accurate data. This pedometer, as any other Omron pedometers, requires a replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) for operating approximately one year if used for maximum 10,000 steps a day. More physical activity might require the batteries to be replaced more often.

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