Omron HJ 113

Image: Omron HJ 113
Omron HJ 113

A dual-axis pedometer
Fits in a pocket
Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance walked
Measures burned calories and fat grams burned
7-day memory, clock,
Automatically resets at midnight
Can be worn in a pocket or clipped to your arm or hip
Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.8 x 4.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

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Omron HJ 113 is a great digital Pocket Pedometer. It has come from the need of having a pedometer which would fit in a pocket and works attached to your hip or clipped to a belt the same time. We recommend this pedometer for beginner and intermediate runners, professional walkers or runners might find it as useful, as it doesn’t lack any of the functions they would need.

This is the best pedometer, from our point of view, as it is a more recent model than the ultra-popular Omron HJ 112 pedometer, which is a total hit and is the bestselling pedometer on the internet. The biggest online retailers sell both pedometers: the HJ 112 and the HJ 113 models. The first one is cheaper, but this pedometer is more preferred by those who need an accurate step counting and want a pedometer which has all the possible functions that a pedometer might have.

Omron HJ 113 is counting your steps either in horizontal or vertical position, as it features a special dual-axis sensor technology, putting it far ahead of the mechanical pedometers and other available such devices on the market. The fact that it fits in a pocket makes it to be very practical and there’s no doubt about the fact that it is a very reliable device, to count accurately all your physical exercises and workouts throughout the entire day. At midnight, it automatically resets, so it is ready for a new challenge every morning.

As any other Omron pedometers, it has a 7 day memory for the history of your steps, it counts both usual steps and aerobic steps separately and you will have a clearer image about your performance and how your daily workout or cardio exercises evolve. The Omron HJ 113 is about 2x4 inches and this makes it to be very easy to be carried and yet barely visible, for a comfortable move and run. If you are interested in this pedometer, please click the image above or the order button, to check the price and compare it with other Omron pedometers. You can order it now, it will come in a sealed box, fast delivery and free shipping might be available.

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