Omron HJ 112

Image: Omron HJ 112
Omron HJ 112

Can operate either in horizontal or vertical position
Accurately counts steps, aerobic steps, time, distance traveled, and burned calorie
Attachable to the hip, can be put in a pocket, or clipped to a bag
Big screen
Last 7 days memory
Sold with a detachable belt holder and security strap

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Omron HJ-112 is a Digital Pocket Pedometer. The contents of the box are:

  • 1 pedometer
  • 1 pedometer holder with Spring Clip
  • 1 Pedometer strap
  • 1 clip for strap
  • 1 battery screwdriver
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 CR2032 battery
The Omron HJ 112 is your easy way to an improved health and a great motivational tool, which will help you stay close to your goals. Ancient Greeks said that if you want to be healthy – you have to run. And that is true – running and walking is the best physical exercise ever invented and Omron pedometers can help you improve your daily cardio routine and keep you motivated.

It is considered that 10000 steps a day are a big step towards a better physical and mental health. This pedometer is easy to operate, just let it slip into your pocket your bag and it will silently count your daily physical exercise and your steps. Omron HJ 112 is a very accurate pedometer, offering you a lot of other useful information apart your step count. It also calculates total steps, aerobic steps, duration of aerobic walk, calories consumed by walking and distance. The pedometer can store the history of the last 7 days, so you can compare and save all your performance during a week. This is great for appreciating how your physical exercise has improved over the last week and over the time.

The Omron HJ 112 counts not only your steps, but your aerobic steps too. Aerobic steps means burning more calories, resulting in faster weight loss and a quick and sure way to a healthier body. In addition, aerobic steps are great for cardiovascular endurance and it will help you lose weight. The Omron Pedometer tracks aerobic steps separately, making it easier to attain your goals. Aerobic steps start counting after 10 minutes on continuous walking or running. This Omron pedometer has a large display which lets you quickly check your progress throughout the day, check the time, etc. It will also help you count how far have you got with your calories’ burning and how well you perform.

Whether you're running or walking, once you have the Omron's HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer in your pocket, you will be amazed at how easy and accurate it tracks your progress and helps you keep a record of all the daily physical exercise. This pedometer was built using the 2D Smart Sensor Technology. This means that you can use it either horizontally or vertically, in your pocket, in your bag or clipped to a belt.

Omron HJ 112 is a digital pocket pedometer with Smart Sense Technology. Old pedometers use a simple pendulum mechanism (if you ever had an old pedometer, they have a clicking device you hear each time you make a step). This Omron pedometer uses Smart Sense Technology with advanced acceleration sensors, operational both in horizontal and vertical positions. These sensors detect exactly when you are taking a step and filter out non-walking movements, ensuring your count is accurate and removing all the accidental movements from your log. The accuracy is +/- 5%.

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