Omron HJ 112 Pedometer

Image: Omron HJ 112
Omron HJ 112

Can operate either in horizontal or vertical position
Accurately counts steps, aerobic steps, time, distance traveled, and burned calorie
Attachable to the hip, can be put in a pocket, or clipped to a bag
Big screen
Last 7 days memory
Sold with a detachable belt holder and security strap

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Omron HJ 112 pedometer is by far the most popular pedometer at this moment and a bestseller on some of the biggest online retailers. This is due to the fact that Omron is constantly following a strict quality standard and their products are recommended by thousands of happy customers all over the world. We are recommending the HJ 122 pedometer to both professional and amateur runners, who are looking for an accurate yet light device which will help them keep a track of their cardio training, running, walking, etc.

The Omron HJ 112 pedometer is designed to store the information about your performance during one week. It counts your steps, your aerobic steps, you can move it in any direction (horizontally or vertically), it is calculating the burned calories and the distance you have walked. Compared to other pedometers, which have a clicking mechanism of counting steps, the Omron HJ 112 pedometer is using a special sensor technology (Smart Sensor Technology with advanced acceleration sensors), which is used exclusively by Omron pedometers and which returns a very low error rate. Compared to other pedometers available on the market, which have to up to 13% of error margin, the Omronís is close to 5%, which is very low.

This pedometer is part of a large series of pedometers which Omron has launched and is selling successfully more than 2 years. Thousands of positive have returned to them since then, and it appears that the quality and the good pricing has a lot to say when it came up to the publicís opinion on the Omron pedometers. We highly recommend this HJ 112 pedometer to basically anyone who wants to own a reliable and lucrative pedometer. It is very light, with a big screen, it can be placed either in a bag, in a pocket or clipped to your am or other belts. It will not cause any discomfort, as it is small and its shape allows it to fit perfectly in your pocket or everywhere you feel like you can carry it.

Among other functions of the Omron HJ 112 pedometer are that it will calculate your burned fats, it also has an incorporated time clock, it has a power saving function which turns it off while not used. It also resets at midnight, while it is storing the history of your walk for the last 7 days. With so many functions included and with so much positive feedback it is getting online, it seems that Omron HJ 122 pedometer is the best choice is our top recommendation for the professional runner or the amateur walker.

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