Omron HJ 105

Image: Omron HJ 105
Omron HJ 105

Digital pedometer
Functions: clock, counts aerobic steps, distance in miles
Calculates: burned calories/fat grams
Stores last 7 days’ history
Lightweight design with a spring clip and snap-close back case
Dimensions: 7.7 x 4.6 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces

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The Omron HJ 105 Pedometer is a digital pedometer, which counts calories burned, has a large display, shows time, counts the aerobic steps, distance in miles, and calculates the calories and the fat grams burned. This cheap digital pedometer can help you achieve your goals and stay motivated in losing weight or help you set your daily cardio routine and your workouts. The memory of this pedometer allows you to store up to one week of data, which is great for keeping a track of your daily activity and to compare how you performed the last days.

Anyone can operate this device, as it has a very intuitive and simple menu: first time you will have to set time, your weight and your stride length. After this you will be ready to go and count your workouts. The Omron HJ 105 features a lightweight design: it has a spring clip that makes it a very comfortable to attach it to your waist, but you can carry it in your pocket as well. Omron HJ 105 is one of the pedometers which will last for very long as it has a snap-close back case that protects the LCD screen, protecting it from other objects you might carry in your pocket or your bag.

There’s no doubt that this digital pedometer is the best choice if you are in constant move and you need to track your daily activity. It is a very good gift, also and once you order, there’s a gift wrapping service available, so you can make a very good gift out of it. It will help you greatly in tracking your exercise program progress and make it easier for you to set and reach your cardio goals. You can order now, we have the best prices and a very fast delivery system, free shipping might be available. Please click the image or the ordering button, to check these details and see the price. Also, we encourage you to compare it with other Omron pedometers available on our site, and make your best choice.

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