Omron HJ 002 PB

Image: Omron HJ 002PB
Omron HJ 002PB

Additional accuracy with the new step counter
Designed for easy and comfortable use
Battery and instructional manual included.
Large digital display
Belt clip included
Weight: 1 pounds, shipping weight: 2 pounds

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This is a great pedometer if you are thinking of starting counting your daily physical activity and need a device that will last for years from now. Omron have proven to be one of the most reliable pedometers manufacturer and their quality and usability canít be denied. Omron HJ 002 PB is a device which is very easy to operate, easy to set up and it needs no programming before using, so you just start using immediately after it arrives.

This pedometers follows all the manufacturing guidelines and is clinically proven to be very reliable, its accuracy isnít lower of other pedometers available on the market and can be of +/- 10 steps per mile. You will love the Omron HJ 002 because of its usability and ease of usage. It is designed to fit in your pocket or your bag, is a cheap and reliable pedometer, compared to other models available on the market and it can be a very good gift for you or for a person you love and loves to move. Gift wrapping is available with any product your order on our site.

The pedometer is designed with a slipping back cover which will protect the large LCD screen and will keep it from scratches and other objects which you might have in your pocket or in your bag. This assures you that this pedometer will last for many years and will help you keeping a track of your daily activity from now on. The battery, which is included in the package, is a replaceable lithium one, and it is estimated to last for one year or more, at 5 miles walked per day. Please click now the buying button or the product image above to order this Omron HJ 002 PB pocket pedometer right now or to check its availability and price. Also, free shipping might apply, so make sure you check this offer now.

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