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A pedometer is the ultimate device you have to own if you want to count your steps. Buy Omron Pedometers and you will not be disappointed, as thousands of customers that already have tried them, say it is a very reliable and useful tool that either professional runners or amateur walker have to own. Check out the list below and choose your Omron pedometer:

Image: Omron HJ 002PB
Omron HJ 002PB

Additional accuracy with the new step counter
Designed for easy and comfortable use
Battery and instructional manual included.
Large digital display
Belt clip included
Weight: 1 pounds, shipping weight: 2 pounds

Buy Omron HJ 002PB
Image: Omron HJ 203
Omron HJ 203

Measures steps, distance, calories, and fat grams burned
Activity Tracker separately tracks exercise time, steps, distance and calories
2D Smart Sensor technology
One battery (included) lasts up to one year
7-day memory for your workouts
Auto stride setup

Buy Omron HJ 203
Image: Omron HJ 105
Omron HJ 105

Digital pedometer
Functions: clock, counts aerobic steps, distance in miles
Calculates: burned calories/fat grams
Stores last 7 daysí history
Lightweight design with a spring clip and snap-close back case
Dimensions: 7.7 x 4.6 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces

Buy Omron HJ 105
Image: Omron HJ 303
Omron HJ 303

Superior 3D Senor Techology
Operates in all 3 planes: x, y and z
Works in pockets, bags or anywhere you clip it
Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance and burned calories
Sleep mode
7 days history memory

Buy Omron HJ 303
Image: Omron HJ 112
Omron HJ 112

Can operate either in horizontal or vertical position
Accurately counts steps, aerobic steps, time, distance traveled, and burned calorie
Attachable to the hip, can be put in a pocket, or clipped to a bag
Big screen
Last 7 days memory
Sold with a detachable belt holder and security strap

Buy Omron HJ 112
Image: Omron HJ 151
Omron HJ 151

Counts: steps, moderate steps, minutes, burned calories and distance
Separately displays moderate steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace
Stores 7 day of history
Resets at midnight automatically
Large display and clock
Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches
3.2 ounces

Buy Omron HJ 151

What is a pedometer and how it works?

A few decades ago, when athletes or amateur runners where interested in appreciating their performance they were using mechanic pedometers, devices that are using clicking mechanisms to count the steps. Since then, pedometers have changed a lot and now pedometers are using digital sensors which are much more efficient and have a lower error rate, compared to the mechanic step counters. Even more, digital pedometers can be used either for horizontal or vertical moves, for usual steps or for athletic steps, so they are much more efficient and have a wider range of use.

How a digital pedometer is working?

Digital pedometers are using incorporated sensors which can make a distinction between the zero speed and the sudden moves, produced by the mechanic forces that occur at our stepping and which are transmitted to our entire body and to the all objects or other accessories attached to our body. Digital pedometers are subject of more accurate data collecting and they use to have a considerably lower error rate and are more efficient than old mechanic devices.

For example, Omron pedometers are manufactured using a special sensors' technology, which are efficient in both horizontal and vertical positions and are used for counting athletic or usual steps. Also, modern pedometers are also having time clocks, calories counters, a fat burner calculator and this is even handier, as they are of big use counting the fats you have burned during your walk or run.

Some beginners might think that there is a difference between the walking pedometers and pedometers for running, while in fact there is no such difference and pedometers use to be the same either for runners or for the walkers. On this site we are recommending Omron pedometers, as they proved to be the most efficient and are still receiving great positive feedback from the happy customers and are maintaining the top positions in the bestsellers' lists of the major online shops.

How to use a pedometer?

Depending on the pedometer model that you have purchased, it may depend on the place where you will wear your pedometer: be it on your hand, your hip, in a bag or in your pocket. No matter where your pedometer has to be worn, the manufacturer of Omron pedometers promises that its functionality and the way it operates is not affected in any way and it will still return a great user experience. Omron digital pedometers are using 2 batteries and there can last to up to one wear, depending on the usage frequency and the way it is operated.

Additionally to this, they also have an in-built power saving function, which will help you rate more energy and make your pedometer last for longer. You have to make sure that you have a pair of operational batteries at the time they need replacement, in order to make sure that you enjoy your pedometer continuously. Omron pedometers are designed for specific usage modes, some of them are built to operate just attached to your arm or clipped to your belt, wild others are designed to be worn in a pocket or in a bag, so that you can feel even more comfortable with it and feel free to move freely as you like.

Where can you buy a pedometer?

Pedometers can be found either online, at if major online retailers or in stores cop health shops, in pharmacies and sport stores, where there are for sure a broad selection of pedometers to choose from. You can buy pedometers with different functions and for different purposes, be it for running or walking, to keep a track of your health and to help you staying fit and sane.

Pedometers are great motivators and there is no doubt that they can help you gain even more with your cardio routine. If you are still asking where can you buy a pedometer online, them there is a sure quick answer to that, a page where there is a great selection of the bestselling Omron pedometers to buy. If you are looking for a pedometer to buy online, we would advise you to first vile a look at the Omron HJ 112 pedometer, as it seems to be one of the most appreciated pedometers available at this moment and it proved to be a very reliable device which is highly appreciated by professional and amateur runners or walkers.

Common functions of Omron pedometers

Among the fact that a pedometer is designed to handle the information about your physical exertions' effort and it boots your steps, many of the pedometers that are available on the market at this moment can handle even more functions and can be even of more help on appreciating your overall training and general health. First of all, some pedometers are designed to automatically count your burned calories and this is done by comparing the number of the daily steps you have made to a known calories spend, which results in an evaluation of your general food intake and calories consumption.

This is a very useful indicator, since the calories are a great indicator of your burned eats and it appears that on them depends how your body is reacting to the cardio exercises which you are performing. Apart of that, all pedometers have an in-built block to help you with your orientation in time while exerting. This is also important - your timing is an indicator of how you are performing compared to the previous days. Omron pedometers can also store the performance of the last 7 days, after which it gradually deletes them and you can keep only the most recent data. Also, there's a power saving function which will prevent battery depletion when the digital pedometer isn't operating, thus allowing you to extend the operational time of your device. This is the reason why Omron pedometers can last to up to one year.